Three Cuisines by: Dr Javaid Asgher A Tribute to Gastronomy: A collection of some of the finest recipes from Royal Kitchens of state of Hyderabad, Waza clans of Kashmir, and from the glorious cities located on or around Grand Trunk Road (GT). Purchase by donation rs 3000

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There are no hard and fast rules on cooking. Cooking is an evolving and a continuously creative art and you can rely on your ingenuity, creativity and common sense and on your sense of smell, flavors and textures. Therefore, while being guided by documented knowledge, discussions and observations, it is always possible, given a little interest and inclination, to create something delicious and pleasing to behold.


My Choice of Cuisines

I inherited Kashmiri cuisine from my maternal side. I love the heat and sourness of Hyderabadi food. G.T. Road cuisine is dear to me since I was born and lived in cities on and around G.T. Road. G.T. Road food is the most diverse since it covers thousands of miles with different cultures, customs, religions and languages. There are three dishes which are cooked in dozens of different ways – Biryani, Nihari and brinjals. You will find many different recipes for each one of these in this book. It is not a repetition, just shows you the diversity of these signature dishes depending upon the region of their origin in the subcontinent.

To cook for one is a compulsion
To cook for two is a chore
To cook for many is pure pleasure

About the author
Dr Javaid Asgher

Javaid Asgher is a hardcore foodie. His deep interest in the fine art of gastronomy has resulted in this delightful collection of his favorite recipes from across Pakistan.

Dr. Asgher’s other mundane activities include being the chairman of Doctors Hospital & Medical Center and Lahore Medical and Dental College, Pakistan. His medical specialty is diagnostic radiology. He learned, taught, and practiced his specialty in the US and now continues to do so in Pakistan.

"In moments of weakness, I sometimes imagine that my food knowledge rises to a palatable 0.2%. After reading Dr. Javaid Asgher’s very knowledgeable collection of recipes, Three Cuisines, I have realized how realistic my assessment has been. This book is definitely a keeper."
  • Mahmood Akbar
  • Hotelier/Owner: Salt ‘n Pepper Restaurants , Cookbook Writer
"From my experience as a chef for the last 25 years, I consider this book as a wonderful attempt by Dr Javaid Asgher and am sure this book will be a good addition to the culinary history of Pakistan."
  • Mrs. Kokab Khwaja
  • Famous TV Chef, Rawalpinid

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